ABSENCE: 3 perspectives on departure

ColecciónCatálogos colectivos
Título OriginalABSENCE
Subtítulo3 perspectives on departure
AutorAdamantios Kafetzis, Judith Quax, Vincent Michéa
EditorRaw Material Company, Koyo Kouoh
ProducciónMarie Cissé, Marie Hélene Pereira
IdiomaInglés, Frances.
Palabras clave

ABSENCE: 3 perspectives on departure features three European artists working on issues related to migration, religion, and popular culture in Senegal. While most exhibitions around migration tend to look at the trans-national political and geographical space, this exhibition focuses on intimacy and privacy. The perspectives are those of the migrants; what they leave behind them and what they recreate at destination to build a sense of attachment.

A subtext of the exhibition is the recurrent presence of the representation of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder and supreme leader of the Mourid Brotherhood—a Sufi-oriented Islamic current strongly established in Senegal.

The series of four photographs by Adamantios Kafetzis is built around the idea of the recreation of the self in a foreign environment. Kafetzis lived with various immigrant communities in Greece and produced a visual narrative of their lives in relation to their faith. The series about Senegalese immigrants in Athens shown in this exhibition portrays a site of their religious practice. The photographs are composed like conceptual paintings with a strong sense for icons. They convey a feeling of religion as a retreat and refuge. Bamba’s portrait serves as an icon for many Senegalese migrants. It is in him that they place all their hopes and desires for better life.

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