Working Geofraphies. RESO. International Art Exchange Residency Program

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TítuloWorking Geofraphies. RESO.
Título OriginalWorking Geofraphies. RESO. International Art Exchange Residency Program
SubtítuloInternational Art Exchange Residency Program
AutorEnrico Carlo Bonanate, Irene Calderoni, Gail Cochrane, Francesca Comisso, Claudio Cravero, Francesco De Biase, Rebecca De Marchi, Massimo Melotti, Paolo Naldini, Lisa Parola
EscritorLisa Parola, Massimo Melotti, Rebecca De Marchi, Maria Teresa Roberto, Irene Calederoni, Francesco De Biase, Luigi Ratclif, Patrizia Rossello, Paolo Naldini, Gail Cochrane, Enrico Carlo Bonanate, Dina Kafafi, Helmut Batista, Pooja Sood, Sally Mizrachi
IdiomaItaliano, Ingles.
Palabras claveresidencia Italia, RESO
In order to present the sixth edition of the International residency program RESÒ, sponsored by the Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art CRT, and the Working Geographies volume (which documents all editions since 2010) it has been started a journey through culture’s places, residencies, academies and museums. RESÒ is in fact an experience of residence that offers a set of reflections around boundary concepts, identity and culture in a global fluid scene which is subject to constant interrelations and fractures.
The book which documents the first five editions has already been presented to Circolo dei Lettori in Turin and to the NABA in Milan. On the 6th October it will be presented in Bologna in order to compare it with the long activity of Nosadella.due (Independent Residency for Public Art). Then the tour will continue with the artist Paola Anzichè and the 20th October it will reach Matera, the Capital of Culture 2019, with the SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art and finally it will get to Bergamo the 9th November, where the program and the volume will be presented as part of the Accademia delle Belle Arti G. Carrara activities with Alessandra Pioselli and Giorgio Cugno.
Some questions and topical issues such as economy, environment, politics, history, communication, social sciences, will be explored through texts of authors and projects of the twenty artists involved in the six editions of RESO’, exploring not usual artistic routes that in times of radical transformation, bring into dialogue the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, with Egypt, Brazil, India and Colombia.Times and places of each presentation will be announced on the website in the day before each meeting.

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